The Township’s zoning ordinance is a written regulation that defines how property in a specific zoning district can be used. Washington Township is divided into the following five zoning districts:

  • Agriculture
  • Conservation
  • Conservation Sinks
  • Village
  • Woodland Preservation

Useful Zoning Information:

  • It is essential that the proposed use of a property conform to the zoning for that district. Before purchasing a property or signing a lease, it is recommended that you check the zoning for what uses are permitted.
  • Depending on the zoning and use of a property, a conditional use hearing may be required. Conditional uses require a review by the Township Planning Commission and a public hearing before the Board of Supervisors. These steps will increase the time it takes to receive an approval and zoning permit.
  • Driveway permits are required when creating a new driveway opening on Township roads. Driveway openings on State roads require approval from PennDOT. For these driveways, please contact PennDot at (570) 368-8686.

Permits, Inspections & Enforcement

Effective March 1, 2022 all permits, inspections and enforcement for Washington Township’s Zoning, Codes and Ordinances are handled through Code Inspections, Inc.

Code Inspections, Inc.
2104 Route 54
Montgomery, PA 17752
570-547-0481 (Fax)